The Marketers Mojo Affiliate Program

As part of a special promotion, we are featuring some of the affiliate programs who’ve recently become active Paid On Time members. Today, we’re featuring the Marketers Mojo Affiliate Program, which is owned and run by Angela Wills.

angelajan11 The Marketers Mojo Affiliate ProgramIn case you’ve not met Angela before, let me tell you a little bit about her…

Angela first got an Internet connection in 1996 and built her first website in 1999. Since then she’s actively used the Internet to start and build businesses, as well as build lasting relationships.

So what inspired Angela to start her own online business in the first place?

In 2006, Angela was a single mom working a full-time afternoon shift from 3 p.m until 11:30 at night. Once her son started kindergarten, she barely saw him at all during the week.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that her schedule wasn’t going to work long-term, so she started her virtual assistance business in 2006 while still employed.

Moonlighting and working on little sleep made it essential for Angela to learn how to take smart shortcuts and work effectively to get clients and replace her income as quickly as possible.

Angela then used her experience building her own VA business and combined it with the skills she developed while working with hundreds of clients and customers to create Marketers Mojo, a business that specializes in teaching others about marketing a business online.

With Marketers Mojo, Angela aims to help other small business owners like herself save time, make money and build a business they truly love.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Angela about her affiliate program…

Ryan Healy: Tell me a little bit about your affiliate program.

Angela Wills: Marketers Mojo offers internet marketing courses and products to help small business owners, virtual assistants and other freelancers market their business on the Internet. My affiliate program offers 50% on self-study products and generous commissions on coaching programs. The affiliate resource website is full of tools and materials my affiliates can use to promote my products, including graphics, videos, free reports, emails and more.

RH: What kind of products are available for affiliates to promote?

AW: All of our products are targeted to the small business owner who wants to DIY or the freelancer who wants to learn skills that they can charge clients for. These products focus on using software to do everything from make a website, to host a teleseminar, to building an email list.

Some examples of the types of products affiliates can promote:

  • WordPress Website Design Coaching Program
  • Teleseminar Self-Study Course
  • Marketing Graphics Self-Study Course

RH: Who is your ideal affiliate?

AW: My ideal affiliate is someone who reaches an internet savvy market of business owners. These are businesses who know what they sell and have to offer, but need the tools and resources to make it happen online. Also, an ideal affiliate would work with freelancers or virtual assistants who want to add services such as website updates, graphic design, teleseminar setup, email marketing and more to their offerings.

RH: What makes your affiliate program unique or better than others?

AW: My affiliate program is well-stocked with tools and resources to help my affiliates succeed. I keep in contact with my affiliates weekly to provide motivation and new resources. I also offer them commissions for the lifetime of the customer. That means that they earn a commission on every single purchase from a customer they’ve refered to Marketers Mojo.

RH: Where can our readers go to sign up as an affiliate?

AW: Affiliates can sign up here -


If you are one of Angela’s ideal affiliates, I recommend you check out her affiliate program and sign up. Just click the link above to get started.

-Ryan M. Healy

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