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The World’s First Affiliate Trust Seal Helps You…

Instantly Attract Top-Tier Affiliates Who
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Highly-motivated affiliates with big reach are the lifeblood of every successful affiliate program.

And if you manage an affiliate program, then you know that attracting the best affiliates — and giving them strong incentives to promote — is the #1 key to driving a large number of affiliate sales.

There are 2 fundamental elements you must have to attract the best affiliates and become the “affiliate program of choice” when it’s time to promote:

Fundamental #1:
Offers that convert well.

First and foremost, you need offers that convert well.

Obviously, if your offers don’t convert, affiliates may never earn a nickel. And if affiliates can’t generate sales, they’ll be on to the next affiliate program faster than you can blink.

As you know, good affiliates will be tracking number of clicks to sales. They’ll know how many clicks they have to generate in order to make one sale.

The very best affiliates will break it down further so they know their EPC (Earnings Per Click) on each offer they promote, yours included. If your offer’s EPC is low relative to other offers, they’ll stop promoting.

So optimizing your offers so they convert as well as possible is clearly a “must have” if you want your affiliate program to be successful. But this may actually be less important than…

Fundamental #2:
Timely payment of affiliate commissions.

pay affiliates 420x315 Sign UpThe second fundamental of a successful affiliate program is timely payment of affiliate commissions.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of affiliate program managers fall down. They focus on optimizing their offers… but neglect the administrative aspects of their affiliate program.

Affiliate payments may go out days, weeks, or months late. Or worse, some commissions may never be paid at all.

In one well-documented case, a supposedly reputable organization failed to pay $914,687.42 in affiliate commissions because of gross mismanagement.

And while the numbers involved may not always be this large, this happens more often than most affiliates realize.

This second fundamental may actually be more important than the first. This is because it’s usually easier to find offers that convert than it is to find affiliate programs that pay affiliates on time.

What Veteran Affiliates Know
That New Affiliates Don’t

What the veteran affiliate knows that the new affiliate does not is this: It’s not your first sale that matters; rather, it’s the first time you get paid.

Tens of thousands of affiliates refer sales, yet never get paid. Only a few make sales and actually receive their commissions.

This is why veteran affiliates will go out of their way to make sure they’re promoting for only the most reputable and trustworthy affiliate programs.

Why ClickBank® Dominates

ClickBank® is probably the most popular affiliate management system in the world.


Because they’ve got the two fundamental elements that so few affiliate programs have:

  1. They’ve got hundreds of offers that convert… and…
  2. They pay their affiliates on time.

In fact, right underneath the ClickBank® logo on their home page, they state:

We’ve paid our clients on time, every time, for over 10 years.

This is probably the single greatest reason ClickBank® has done so well. Affiliates who promote products that are sold through ClickBank® know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’ll be paid on time!

Affiliates Are Waking Up…

While many affiliates are still unaware of the problem of commission theft, they are quickly waking up and demanding accountability.

They are finally realizing that not all affiliate programs are created equal — and that the only affiliate program worth joining is the one that pays its affiliates on time.

Therefore, they are spending more time up front to make sure they’re participating in reputable, trustworthy affiliate programs.

Become as Credible as ClickBank®
…in Less than 10 Minutes!

The Paid On Time Affiliate Trust Seal creates instant trust and credibility so you attract better affiliates.

When you are a Paid On Time member, affiliates will be more enthusiastic about promoting your products and services because they’ll KNOW they’ll be paid on time.

Simply sign up as a Paid On Time network member, then cut-and-paste a short line of code onto your affiliate sign-up page. That’s it!

In less than 10 minutes, your uniquely coded Paid On Time Affiliate Trust Seal will be visible on your affiliate sign-up page, ready to reel in bigger and better affiliates.

How the Paid On Time Affiliate Trust Program Works

Paid On Time provides a third-party accountability feedback loop for affiliates and the programs they participate in.

As a network member, you will be able to display the Paid On Time affiliate trust seal on your affiliate sign-up page and any other page aimed at affiliates.

Potential affiliates can click on your Paid On Time affiliate trust seal to verify you are a member in good standing. They can also click on a link to view your public profile page on the web site.

Affiliates may submit feedback and file complaints through your profile page. You will then be able to privately resolve any issues that come up.

Naturally, Paid On Time monitors affiliate feedback. Members who fail to pay affiliates on time will lose their privilege of displaying the Paid On Time affiliate trust seal.

The bottom line: The Paid On Time affiliate trust seal and accountability system helps you attract better affiliates by guaranteeing they will be paid on time.

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Bonus Gift #1: Free Affiliate Sign-Up Page Copy Templates

Need copy for your affiliate sign-up page? Or simply want to improve on what you’ve already got?

Use the free templates included with your membership to quickly create a sign-up page from scratch… or copy-and-paste sections of copy to beef up your current page.

All you do is fill in the blanks. It’s that simple.

Bonus Gift #2: Free Monthly Members-Only PDF Newsletter

In addition to the affiliate sign-up page copy templates, you’ll also receive a brand new members-only PDF newsletter each and every month.

This newsletter is packed with news, tips, and advice about managing a successful affiliate program.

Try It for 90 Days for FREE

Your first 90 days of membership in the Paid On Time network won’t cost a dime.

If during your first 90 days of membership you decide you’d rather not participate, you can contact us by email to cancel and you will owe nothing further.

But if you find the Paid On Time network to be a valuable part of your affiliate program, then do nothing.

As a courtesy to you, we’ll automatically renew your membership every month until you tell us to stop. The monthly membership fee is $4.95 for a limited time.

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Why Such a Deep Discount?

The reason we’re offering new memberships at such deeply discounted prices is because we want to build momentum for Paid On Time as quickly as we can.

The best way to build that momentum is by making you an offer you can’t refuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few of the commonly asked questions about the Paid On Time affiliate trust seal. (If you have a question not answered here, please contact us for a quick answer.)

Q: Once I’m a member, how many domains can I display the Paid On Time affiliate trust seal on?

A: You can display the affiliate trust seal on any domain that you personally own.

Q: If I decide to quit the 90-day Trial or cancel my Paid On Time membership, what should I do?

A: Simply forward your receipt to We will cancel your membership within 48 hours.

Q: Will I be listed in the Member Directory once I activate my membership?

A: Yes. All active members are listed in the Paid On Time Affiliate Program Directory. This listing includes a link back to your affiliate sign-up page. (Please note: You must complete the member profile before your listing appears in the Member Affiliate Directory.)

Q: How are individual affiliate complaints handled, should they occur?

A: We handle affiliate complaints privately. You have 90 days to resolve any affiliate complaints. If for some reason you withhold commissions that should be paid to an affiliate, you will automatically lose your status in the Paid On Time affiliate network.

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