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Is Naomi Dunford 6 Months Late Paying Affiliates?

What’s the point of promoting another company’s products unless they’re going to pay you the commissions you’ve earned? That’s what Naomi Dunford’s affiliates may be asking themselves right now. An anonymous commenter alleges Naomi Dunford has not paid her affiliates in six months… What also makes me ill is the fact that Naomi’s supposedly trying [...]

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Why You Should Check Your Affiliate Statistics at Least Once a Month

It’s been an interesting month. Early in August, I went through all the affiliate programs I was participating in and checked my stats. Most programs I hadn’t checked in about a year, so I didn’t know whether commissions were owed to me or not. I had two big surprises… Surprise #1: One of the products [...]

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Skimming Affiliate Commissions Is Still a Problem

As long as humans are human, affiliate skimming will be a problem. The reason it will continue to be a problem is because it’s an easy way for business owners to reduce their marketing costs… and… it’s often hard to detect, even for the affiliates who are being ripped off. In this article, I’m going [...]

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